Since today was the exam day in SPD – and I had plenty of time to spend in class patroling in the attempt to avoid that my students would copy from each other – I took with me my project to work on the file association for Real HDR and Windows OS. I have never done it before but looks like a key has to be written by the installer in Window’s Registry, and precisely:

Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rhd [where .rhd is the file format of Real HDR]

. rhd file association

.rhd file association Real HDR

This is the only step to do to associate the file to the program. Now opening a file will invoke the software and this looks cool.

However, it is not possible at the moment to parse automatically the content and open the file directly. I need to find a way to get the OS path were the file got open by the user, store it in the cache and, once the user is logged in, perform the loading. This feature sounds intriguing but I have other priorities for now.

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