Real HDR 1.3


This third update opens new possibilities for future developments, introducing modules. Modules are specific sections of the software, created to keep the workflow focused on a specific task. Starting from version 1.3, the Real HDR you used before will take the name of PhotoBooth module (designed for product rendering), while the new module for architecture and exteriors, in general, is SkyLight module. We are sure that this new approach in the development of Real HDR will open new horizons for both us as a software engineering team and you as loyal users.

  • introduction of modules extensions
  • former main Real HDR interface is now named PhotoBooth module
  • SkyLight module (preview) for arch-viz and exterior rendering
  • atmospherical scattering of sunlight
  • time of the day management
  • surprise me mode
  • extended .rhd support to SkyLight data
  • new login window and module selector
  • modules’ rendering switcher
  • new progressive rendering mode
  • drag and drop in PhotoBooth
  • transfer SpriteLight parameters (ctrl+c / ctrl+v)
  • PhotoBooth panel docking on top of UI
  • updated manual
  • we now do have a blog
Download Real HDR 1.3 for MacDownload Real HDR 1.3 for PC

If you get false positive antivirus warnings during download or installation you can scan the file with VirusTotal.

Real HDR 1.2


This second update is focused on an even better usability and precision. Added new user-requested features such as color selector, new SpriteLight soft blending mode, keyboard shortcuts and feedback prompts.

  • new color selector with RGB, HSV and HEX input
  • massive upgrade of SpriteLight soft blending
  • fixed sharp edges on both SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • bypass successful login window
  • overlaying status prompts
  • feedback on exporting status
  • unified 2K resolution
  • better process logic for async executions
  • added recommended intensity and size ranges
  • cleanup of UI buttons and labels
  • minor bug fixes in .rhd I/O process
  • CW and CCW rotation instead of CW 360°
  • Mac OSX support (version 1.2.1)
Download Real HDR 1.2 for MacDownload Real HDR 1.2 for PC

Real HDR 1.1


First update focused on an improvement of usability and precision. Added polar/equirectangular distortion for correct representation in the spherical map, proprietary project file format, OS browsing paths, among other user-requested features.

  • implemented a new accurate display mode for lights
  • equirectangular distortion for the spherical map both in the .exr file and the preview mode
  • project load/save with a .rhd proprietary file format
  • progress bar for feedback on .rhd load/save status
  • Real HDR association in Windows registry
  • OS based file browser for .exr and .rhd files
  • .exr file up to 4K (8MP) now saves as expected
  • differentiated selection highlights for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • fixed the SpriteLights’ stencil indexing
  • added roadmap link in the welcome screen
  • optimized preview resolution for loading speed
  • removed negative light subtractors on poles
  • default compression setting for lighter files
  • removed time-stamp option

Real HDR 1.0


This is the first public release of Real HDR.

  • 32-bit .exr file exporter
  • individual portable license
  • double UI environment (cube or cardinal directions)
  • seamless horizon line
  • “surprise me” button, as used on Real IES
  • “Start Here” icebreaker
  • unlimited lights amount (SpriteLights)
  • linear colors, no gamma correction
  • negative light subtractor (DarkMarks)
  • selector highlights
  • negative light subtractor fades on poles
  • custom stencils for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • optional time-stamp on the filename
  • RGB and HSV color sliders
  • HEX converter with a copy to clipboard option
  • file compression possibility
  • software updater