Real HDR 1.3

Will be released on 25.11.2018

Real HDR 1.2


Second update focused on an even better usability and precision. Added new user-requested features such as color selector, new SpriteLight soft blending mode, keyboard shortcuts and feedback prompts.

  • new color selector with RGB, HSV and HEX input
  • massive upgrade of SpriteLight soft blending
  • fixed sharp edges on both SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • bypass successful login window
  • overlaying status prompts
  • feedback on exporting status
  • unified 2K resolution
  • better process logic for async executions
  • added recommended intensity and size ranges
  • cleanup of UI buttons and labels
  • minor bug fixes in .rhd I/O process
  • CW and CCW rotation instead of CW 360°
Download Real HDR 1.2 for MacDownload Real HDR 1.2 for PC

Real HDR 1.1


First update focused on an improvement of usability and precision. Added polar/equirectangular distortion for correct representation in the spherical map, proprietary project file format, OS browsing paths, among other user-requested features.

  • implemented a new accurate display mode for lights
  • equirectangular distortion for the spherical map both in the .exr file and the preview mode
  • project load/save with a .rhd proprietary file format
  • progress bar for feedback on .rhd load/save status
  • Real HDR association in Windows registry
  • OS based file browser for .exr and .rhd files
  • .exr file up to 4K (8MP) now saves as expected
  • differentiated selection highlights for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • fixed the SpriteLights’ stencil indexing
  • added roadmap link in the welcome screen
  • optimized preview resolution for loading speed
  • removed negative light subtractors on poles
  • default compression setting for lighter files
  • removed time-stamp option

Real HDR 1.0


This is the first public release of Real HDR.

  • 32-bit .exr file exporter
  • individual portable license
  • double UI environment (cube or cardinal directions)
  • seamless horizon line
  • “surprise me” button, as used on Real IES
  • “Start Here” icebreaker
  • unlimited lights amount (SpriteLights)
  • linear colors, no gamma correction
  • negative light subtractor (DarkMarks)
  • selector highlights
  • negative light subtractor fades on poles
  • custom stencils for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • optional time-stamp on the filename
  • RGB and HSV color sliders
  • HEX converter with a copy to clipboard option
  • file compression possibility
  • software updater