Real HDR 1.7

Real HDR 1.7 introduces a new way to place lights in PhotoBooth module: the Satellite System. This new mode entirely substitutes the old Click&Go and provides a newer way to adjust lights position. The 3d mesh preview parser has been optimized and in the options window there is a new link to the upcoming Real PBR. The SkyLight module now has a volumetric fog toggle and a overall improvement. We also added a drag&drop listener to open the RHD files and this will massively speed up your workflow.

  • New Satellite System in PhotoBooth module
  • Removed the deprecated Click&Go feature
  • Addressed the 6x Cubemap layout
  • Support for file Drag&Drop
  • Improved the Custom Mesh importer for 3D preview (expected size is 1 x 1 x 1mt, OBJ format)
  • Custom Mesh can be used in the Satellite System (expected size is 1 x 1 x 1mt, OBJ format)
  • Massive cleanup of the login system
  • Experiemntal connection to Real PBR
  • Upgraded SkyLight module’s core
  • Fixed wrong max-keyframe for clouds movement
  • New volumetric fog toggle
  • Extended Voxel Cloud coverage value
Download Real HDR 1.7 for MacDownload Real HDR 1.7 for PC

HDR Sky 1.0.1

Minor update with few issue solved in the installer, animation keyframe and cloud density.

Download HDR Sky 1.0.1 for PC & Mac

HDR Sky 1.0

HDR Sky is a tool, based on Real HDR SkyLight Module, for creating high quality and high-resolution outdoor HDR skies, both static and animated, and exporting them as EXR format for your arch-viz 3D productions.

Real HDR 1.6

Real HDR 1.6 provides updates in both PhotoBooth and SkyLight modules with a new animator to produce HDRI skies with timelapse animations and a new cubemap exporter tool. There are also some UX improvements both for the users options and the program state. As always there are various minor bug fixes and updates in the core of the program.
Real HDR 1.6 required many efforts to provide these new toolsets and we are looking forward to your feedbacks. We wish this update can speed up even more your CGI productions, both offline and realtime, when using HDR images to emit lights.

  • New SkyLight animator
  • New SkyLight batch exporter
  • Added 8-bit PNG file format as output
  • Cubemap exporter with VC, HC and 6x layout options
  • Options windows inside the modules
  • New program options
  • Extended RHD file format to SkyLight animator
  • Extended RHD file format to PhotoBooth GPU gradients
  • New experimental keyboard input values in PhotoBooth module
  • Experimental OBJ importer for raw 3D preview (expected size is 1 x 1 x 1mt)
  • Fixed errors in gradients transitions
  • The loading screens are back
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Real HDR 1.5

Real HDR 1.5 completes the main set of features designed for the software. The major feature is the possibility to generate HDR gradients, HDR sun emitter, HDR atmosphere and HDR clouds for skies to be used in exterior renderings. Version 1.5 has now two ways to generate clouds: a fast and simple mode that works on every computer and a voxel-based cloud generator, that guarantees extraordinary results on computers with performant graphics cards. This new release introduces also a new GPU function to smooth SpriteLights, generate smooth gradients and blend the voxel clouds.
There are other improvements in other various aspects of the software from .RHD parser functionalities, smart background processing, an experimental 8K exporter (that requires a huge amount of VRAM), indirect light approximation in 3D preview mode and so on. As always, we wish you a bright rendering experience with Real HDR and we look forward to your precious feedback.

  • New features for SkyLight module
  • Extended dynamic range
  • Sharp and soft shadows
  • Fast cloud generator
  • Voxel cloud generator
  • Clouds coverage and sun shadows
  • Smart process switch
  • Better .RHD field separator
  • Gradients in PhotoBooth module
  • GPU smoothing for SpriteLights
  • Options menu cleanup
  • Improved indirect light approximation in 3D preview
  • Minor UI cleanup
  • Minor bug fixes

Real HDR 1.4

Real HDR 1.4 introduces a new rendering mode and a massive overall optimization on various aspects of PhotoBooth module. New features are focused on the usability (.RHD file validator and new keyboard shortcuts), customization (new Options menu, support for Retina/HiDPI display), consistency (Click&Go and the 3D Preview), and user requests (Export+, Kelvin temperature, etc).
This new update represents a huge step forward for Real HDR’s core and the PhotoBooth module.

  • Software options and preferences
  • Optional background process
  • Export+
  • Optimized resolution for Export+
  • Optional 4k exporter
  • HiDPI and Mac Retina support
  • .RHD File validator on Start Screen
  • automatic load of validated files
  • Faster module loading
  • New render mode
  • Massive optimizations
  • Removed deprecated libraries
  • New SpriteLight and DarkMarks shaders
  • Kelvin temperature selector + common presets
  • 3D preview
  • Click&Go light placement
  • UI cleanup
  • Improved Load/Save speed and stability
  • Minor bug fixes

Real HDR 1.3

This third update opens new possibilities for future developments, introducing modules. Modules are specific sections of the software, created to keep the workflow focused on a specific task. Starting from version 1.3, the Real HDR you used before will take the name of PhotoBooth module (designed for product rendering), while the new module for architecture and exteriors is the SkyLight module. We are sure that this new approach in the development of Real HDR will open new horizons for both development and usability.

  • introduction of modules extensions
  • former main Real HDR interface is now named PhotoBooth module
  • SkyLight module (preview) for arch-viz and exterior rendering
  • atmospherical scattering of sunlight
  • time of the day management
  • surprise me mode
  • extended .rhd support to SkyLight data
  • new login window and module selector
  • modules’ rendering switcher
  • new progressive rendering mode
  • drag and drop in PhotoBooth
  • transfer SpriteLight parameters (ctrl+c / ctrl+v)
  • PhotoBooth panel docking on top of UI
  • updated manual
  • we now do have a blog

Real HDR 1.2

This second update is focused on an even better usability and precision. Added new user-requested features such as color selector, new SpriteLight soft blending mode, keyboard shortcuts and feedback prompts.

  • new color selector with RGB, HSV and HEX input
  • massive upgrade of SpriteLight soft blending
  • fixed sharp edges on both SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • bypass successful login window
  • overlaying status prompts
  • feedback on exporting status
  • unified 2K resolution
  • better process logic for async executions
  • added recommended intensity and size ranges
  • cleanup of UI buttons and labels
  • minor bug fixes in .rhd I/O process
  • CW and CCW rotation instead of CW 360°
  • Mac OSX support (version 1.2.1)

Real HDR 1.1

First update focused on an improvement of usability and precision. Added polar/equirectangular distortion for correct representation in the spherical map, proprietary project file format, OS browsing paths, among other user-requested features.

  • implemented a new accurate display mode for lights
  • equirectangular distortion for the spherical map both in the .exr file and the preview mode
  • project load/save with a .rhd proprietary file format
  • progress bar for feedback on .rhd load/save status
  • Real HDR association in Windows registry
  • OS based file browser for .exr and .rhd files
  • .exr file up to 4K (8MP) now saves as expected
  • differentiated selection highlights for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • fixed the SpriteLights’ stencil indexing
  • added roadmap link in the welcome screen
  • optimized preview resolution for loading speed
  • removed negative light subtractors on poles
  • default compression setting for lighter files
  • removed time-stamp option

Real HDR 1.0

This is the first public release of Real HDR.

  • 32-bit .exr file exporter
  • individual portable license
  • double UI environment (cube or cardinal directions)
  • seamless horizon line
  • “surprise me” button, as used on Real IES
  • “Start Here” icebreaker
  • unlimited lights amount (SpriteLights)
  • linear colors, no gamma correction
  • negative light subtractor (DarkMarks)
  • selector highlights
  • negative light subtractor fades on poles
  • custom stencils for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • optional time-stamp on the filename
  • RGB and HSV color sliders
  • HEX converter with a copy to clipboard option
  • file compression possibility
  • software updater