3D Rendering in Real HDR

Although 3D rendering with Real HDR is not fully possible at the moment, it may be a possibility in the future. The tool has been designed as a fast and reliable utility to create HDRI environments and HDRI skies for 3D rendering.

Importing custom 3D models in Real HDRImporting custom 3D models in Real HDRImporting custom 3D models in Real HDRImporting custom 3D models in Real HDR

So even if we are talking about 3D rendering, Real HDR’s goal is strictly related to the creation of 360° HDR images both in panorama and cubemap layouts.


there is something new starting from the upcoming release: a 3D mesh importer for the PhotoBooth Module to be used with custom meshes.

  • Which 3D file format is supported? at the moment Real HDR will be able to import OBJ files.
  • Does the mesh need to be only one? Not necessarily. There can be multiple meshes in your OBJ file and Real HDR will parse them in one block.
  • Can I import materials? Not yet, but this can probably be done in the future.
  • Can I edit the materials then? Not in this first preview, but it will be a possibility later.
  • How can I scale my mesh in Real HDR? This will be possible for sure in the future but for the moment, the tool expects your meshes to fit in a cube of 1 x 1 x 1 meter
  • Is there a limit in the polygons amount? Well, this is difficult since it may vary according to the hardware. There must be a reasonable amount of polygons in your mesh and my suggestion is to import a very simplified version of your mesh.
  • When will it be ready? This experimental new feature will be part of the 1.6 release. We have plenty of work to do before releasing it, but the estimated date is between August and mid-September
  • Can I share this amazing feature with my friends and colleagues? 😀

In the pictures above I am using the famous Stanford Bunny PLY mesh which I trimmed and converted before importing it in Real HDR.


  • jarrett towe says:

    I want to know if you will ever make a way to import 360 panoramas from 360 cameras to use in creating backplates? This is a critical feature for matching footage. Please consider it, as well as some way to generate fake highlight information from the imported image. It would create a revolutionary product for 3d cg and vfx work. thank you!

  • Luca says:

    Hi Jarrett,
    I got your email and I think it can be done. Real HDR is all about CG artists needs and requests so we’ll do our best to end up with a solution for this.
    Thank you for the input!

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