Real HDR in short

Image Based Lighting
Made Easy

basic render without HDR basic render with HDR

Real HDR is the easiest way to create high quality and high-resolution HDR images for your 3D productions. Download the program, build your lighting scenario and import it in your favorite 3D software. That’s it. Really.

basic render without HDR basic render with HDR

Intuitive user interface

Create your artificial or environmental IBL scenario in a few seconds.

Intuitive user interface

Create your artificial or environmental IBL scenario in a few seconds.

Real HDR PhotoBooth SkyLight

Two working modes

with a single mouse click

With Real HDR you won’t need to look for appropriate 32bit HDR maps anymore. Creative lighting for product design in PhotoBooth mode and realistic environments for arch viz in SkyLight mode –  bring them to your favorite 3D software.

Real HDR License Login

Per-user license

to install Real HDR everywhere

We developed our own licensing system that takes care of your purchase. With one license you can activate your copy of Real HDR everywhere and “take your work home”, even move your projects between PC and Mac.

Real HDR rhd file

Proprietary file format

to save your project

Making adjustments to your HDR file is easy if you save your project in .rhd format. Continue working on your project later or share it with your colleagues.

Real HDR UI docking Shapes' blending

Linear Color

for vivid results

A soft blending of lights and masks, various shapes and rotations, linear space previewer without gamma correction and UI docking to work both up and down the horizon.

Real HDR color selector


conversions and color portability

Real HDR displays colors in a normalized, full float range and converts them into traditional 8-bit RGB and HSV in real-time.  A precise Color Selector may speed up the phase of choosing an appropriate color for your lights.

Real HDR constant development

Constant development

to fulfill your CG needs

Real HDR is deloped by CGI artists for CGI artists. That is why we appreciate your feedback and implement new features in every update.

Want to see it in action?

check out these tutorials, courtesy of Render Academy.

Create a basic light 10:10

Move the first steps in Real HDR to create in few seconds your first HDR lighting environment to be used in Autodesk 3ds Max and Chaos Group V-Ray.

Image Based Lighting 1:50

Have a look at some different approaches to Image Based Lighting (IBL) virtual hemispherical scenarios with Real HDR.

32-bit EXR 8:19

What is great about Real HDR is that you can use almost any software capable to load EXR files to process your renderings. Here is an example with Corona Renderer.

Download now

free updates and single time payment.

Did we mention that buying your copy of Real HDR grants you free upgrades and one-time payment?
Real HDR has no subscription and no constraint with the current version you buy. Pay now and get free updates. Forever.

Download Real HDR for MacDownload Real HDR for PC

If you get false positive antivirus warnings during download or installation you can scan the file with VirusTotal.

PayPal secure payment

One time payment €59.99

Need an IES light instead?

we can help with that too.

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to create your own photometric .ies file you are in the right place (but you are on the wrong website). Click the button below to get redirected to our other 3D lighting utility for your 3D productions.

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