Real HDR modules

By November 6, 2018software development

Starting from version 1.3 we are going to add modules in Real HDR. You can imagine modules as workspaces or plug-ins where a user can obtain a totally different EXR. This is a big change and will let us keep simple UI for complex results. Think about interior rendering, product rendering, and architectural arch-viz; it would be quite messy the UI at a certain point. This is why we are splitting the UI in modules, each focused on a different topic.

You may see the upcoming “SkyLight Module” in the first part of this video, where the user logins. We are also going to update our EULA and (probably) there will be a small price change…while of course, the updates are going to be free for who already owns one or more licenses.

In the video, you can also see a user-requested feature that allows the docking of the main panel in the “PhotoBooth Module” (the former main UI). This way it is possible to reach and work in areas below the horizon/ground level

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