Real HDR 1.2 is available

By September 25, 2018software development

Today is the launch of the new Real HDR 1.2 update. Download your copy HERE

Here is the usual features and improvements list:

  • new color selector with RGB, HSV and HEX input

Real HDR 1.2

  • a massive upgrade of SpriteLight soft blending

Real HDR 1.2

  • fixed sharp edges on both SpriteLights and DarkMarks

Real HDR 1.2

  • keyboard shortcuts
  • bypass successful login window
  • overlaying status prompts
  • feedback on exporting status
  • unified 2K resolution
  • better process logic for async executions
  • added recommended intensity and size ranges
  • cleanup of UI buttons and labels
  • minor bug fixes in .rhd I/O process
  • CW and CCW rotation instead of CW 360°

This is a huge release and we are pushing even further for the porting to Mac OSX.

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