Real HDR 1.1 is out

Today is a great day and we are happy to release Real HDR 1.1!

Here is the full list of features of this new release, focused on an improvement of usability and precision. Added polar/equirectangular distortion for correct representation in the spherical map, proprietary project file format, OS browsing paths, among other user-requested features.

  • implemented a new accurate display mode for lights
  • equirectangular distortion for the spherical map both in the .exr file and the preview mode
  • project load/save with a .rhd proprietary file format
  • progress bar for feedback on .rhd load/save status
  • Real HDR association in Windows registry
  • OS based file browser for .exr and .rhd files
  • .exr file up to 4K (8MP) now saves as expected
  • differentiated selection highlights for SpriteLights and DarkMarks
  • fixed the SpriteLights’ stencil indexing
  • added roadmap link in the welcome screen
  • optimized preview resolution for loading speed
  • removed negative light subtractors on poles
  • default compression setting for lighter files
  • removed time-stamp option

Real HDR 1.1 is out

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