Microsoft Defender Security Intelligence and False Positive

By January 31, 2019software development

Our latest update of Real HDR 1.4 is finally out and can be downloaded from here.
For some reasons, the very first days of every release are always giving me lot of problems with false positive. I still have to understand why this happens. We purchased a signing certificate to codesign our software and installer; we tested the files both from url and upload using Virus Total service and I also uploaded the .exe files and archives to Microsoft Defender Security Intelligence to obtain a whitelisting of the release.

Microsoft Defender Security IntelligenceToday we passed this final step so I assume in 24 hours from now there should be he definition of our software in the new Microsoft thread definition. Microsoft says it may take up to 30 days but I’d like to be more optimistic 🙂

Anyway, there is a full list of new features and bug fixes on this link and we all hope you may find this new release useful and it may prove helpful in your CGI production’s pipeline.

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