Keyboard Input

By September 9, 2019software development

These new Keyboard Inputs of Real HDR 1.6 will add the possibility to insert and edit values using the keyboard. This feature will improve precision and speed when editing the various parameters of the lights…better later than never, I know.

Real HDR Keyboard Input

I am also changing the drag&drop loop for the SpriteLights and DarkMarks removing excessive code and math inside the functions of the PhotoBooth module. This won’t bring any visual improvement beside a few milliseconds boost, but knowing that the gears are better oiled makes me feel and work better.

Real HDR Improved Drag and Drop

Thanks to some feedback I also patched an annoying “bright stripe” appearing sometime in the key points of the background gradients, and they are now smoother than ever.

Real HDR Smooth GPU Gradients

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