3D time lapse

By November 14, 2018software development

This is the first 3D time lapse I created with 3ds Max, V-Ray and Real HDR’s SkyLight maps.
There is still space for improvements but the simplicity is at the first place! 1 click on the time, few clicks on the “surprise me” and the program does the rest.

3D time lapse

The maps I exported are, at the moment 2K, since the sky is mostly based on atmospherical gradient and sun light scattering.
The future plan however, is to add procedurally generated clouds and 3D environments. In that case the 4k resolution will be mandatory to have appropriate reflections.

Also there will be necessary to add some latitude/longitude and timezone (season maybe?) settings, since at the moment the sun rises at 7 am and sets at 7 pm.

By the way this is going to be the first release of this SkyLight module and mostly, this 1.3 version is going to split the work mode, opening a lot of future possibilities in the development of the program – of course – on both Windows and Mac OSX.

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